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What to expect in a session?

Sessions are practical, down to earth, creative and fun.

A session can last up to two hours depending on what your body likes. The shift that happens can even be instantaneous. Although in our society, people equate longer with better. I just go until the energy says to stop. When the session is over, you will feel more relaxed and will usually have an aha moment. It is then up to you to notice what is different in your life. Noticing all the shifts is like getting presents every day. You can start each day by saying, “I wonder what shifts will come my way today?”

How do sessions work?

How sessions work over the phone

Most of the sessions I do are on the phone, so while you sit, stand or lie down, I’m in my office. From your end, it’s just a relaxing phone call.

How sessions work in person

I will either sit across from you or have you stand up as we talk or don’t talk. (Yes, some sessions are silent.) Personally, I like to stand up because the energy physically moves me, and it is easier to feel in my body. Standing, sitting, talking, not talking, it doesn’t matter. All are effective. Almost always, my fingers are moving. This is my way of staying focused and shifting the energy. If we are standing, I will put my hands near your body and may have more hand movements.

What will you feel?

What you will feel during and after a session

During the session, you will feel calmer and more relaxed. There may even be laughter. You may even feel a bit wobbly. This is because the energy is shifting and your body isn’t used to the “new” perspective. It’s sort of like when you stand up quickly and get a bit dizzy until you get your bearings.

We cannot predict exactly what will be different and it may be something unexpected. The clue is to notice what is different. Most people don’t notice what is different until they focus on it. So, I take time during the session to ask… which is also a way of training the person to ask and notice so that they can keep asking and noticing once the session is over.

The difference might show up as being able to breathe easier, the pain leaving or moving (which is good), a different thought or insight, a sense of calm, people coming to you with something new, or anything else. Differences continue to show up as you move forward in your life.

After the session, notice what is different and keep a journal of everything. This allows you to keep focusing on the shifts, which will allow your energy to attract more shifts.

How do I set up a session?

It is simple to set up a session. Click below, fill out the communication and client forms. I will contact you and we can set up a time that works for both of us.

How much is a session?

Sessions range from $50 to $300, and vary in length from a half hour to two hours. Sessions can be on an as needed basis or we can set up a schedule. For more information about the various sessions, please click on the box below.

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