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Judith MeditatingHigh Vibe Stress Buster

During these stressful times, I’m offering three special deals to help you deal with the uncertainties. People can get caught up in the fight, flight or freeze that steals personal power.

Instead, I’m offering some ways you can plug into the high vibes of peace, calm, gratitude, and kindness. These high vibes help you to boost the immune system and feel better as well as increase your creative energy.

1. Energy Shifting: Is there something you would like to be different? If so, email two – three sentences to me (using the contact form). Please tell me what it is you WOULD like to have. (Hint, the word “not” will give you the opposite of what you’d like.) As I expand the energy of increased health, calm, gratitude, kindness and peace each day, I will include your request. No Charge!!!

2. Micro-Mini Workshop: Be on the lookout for my micro-mini workshops. These two – three minute videos focus on what you can do to raise your vibration. They are available on Facebook (Yes with Judith Joy) and Instagram (Yes with Judith Joy). No Charge!

3. Stress Buster Personal Coaching: If you would like to work with me personally in a one-on-one coaching session, for a limited number of people, I am offering a discount of 66%. (That is a SAVINGS of $150.) Cost: $75. BOOK NOW

I am here to help you. All you need to do is reach out.

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