Turn the Ship Around

By L. David Marquet

This is a very good story about how the metaphysical principles are used in a practical everyday way. The author of this book was a former nuclear submarine commander and was able to create leaders from within and thus turn around the performance of his submarine. He was very creative and had a new way of looking at things. Thus, his sub went from one of the worst to one of the best.

Golden Nugget: Use empowering language to create change and encourage each individual to be their own leader. Request permission to…, I would like to…, What should I do about…, Do you think we should…, could we… was REPLACED WITH I intend to…, I plan on…, I will…, and We will. This helped the sailors take ownership of their ideas and set intentions. As the commander, Marquet would ask questions when needed. His idea was to give his men as much control as he could to allow them to think through and defend their plan of action. In short, he helped them set intentions.

Yes With Joy!

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