The Parables of Kryon

By Lee Carroll

Lee Carroll has channeled Kryon for many years. This is a collection of parables (stories) filled with lessons, and because of the story form the wisdom is easier to comprehend.

Kryon is one of my favorite channeled messengers. He is filled with light and positive messages for the future and tackles the difficult situations in humorous ways. I am always left feeling at peace, whether listening to recordings (thank you YouTube) or reading one of his many books.

Lee Carroll. The Parables of Kryon (p. 4). Hay House. Kindle Edition.

Golden Nugget: “When you’re balanced spiritually, physically, and mentally, a wonderful thing happens: Everyone wants to be your friend! People recognize the specialness of who you are, and they are not threatened by you in any way. Can you see how this attitude would enhance a job, a marriage, a friendship, or a generation gap (and not destroy it)? The only ones you will offend are those who are angry at you for having changed— and, believe me, those are the ones you don’t want around you anyway.”



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