The Magic

By Rhonda Byrne

The Magic is the secret behind The Secret, Byrne’s previous book about the law of attraction. In short, this book is about gratitude, which powers the law of attraction. It outlines a 28 day program that is very easy to follow and do. Each day has you writing in a gratitude journal, noticing what was the “best” during the day, and teaching you another way you can practice being grateful. The idea is that the more gratitude you have in your daily experiences, the more experiences you will have to be grateful about.

Golden Nugget: This is one of my favorites: “Thank you for the magnificent outcome to ___________.” (P. 193) The blank space is filled with whatever you are going to be doing. You are presetting the experience to have a magnificent outcome without over defining what that is exactly.

Yes With Joy!

It’s time to say YES! to a future that works for you. I'm here to help guide you on your journey while you achieve your desires.
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