By Shane Snow

Powerful information. High vibration book. I was so excited while reading it that I couldn’t go to bed and had to force myself to sleep at 2 am.

This book gives wonderful examples of situations, people and times that people have used smartcuts, which Snow describes as shortcuts with integrity. He encourages everyone to “be an entrepreneur in their own life” and gives many ways to move forward in non-traditional ways.

This is what I did by using the unschooling model while I was homeschooling one of my kids…follow an interest, dig deep, and learn the skills needed to learn more about the subject. The skills are then seen as necessary to learn and thus have more value than if the skills were learned outside of a useful context.

In fact, this is how I’ve learned about consciousness transformation and energy healing. I had an interest and then found out more and more and more, learning what I needed along the way.

Golden Nugget: Get the thinking right and the skills will follow. (P. 91) Snow emphasizes the importance of learning more about fewer topics and digging deeper (instead of learning less about more topics).

Yes With Joy!

It’s time to say YES! to a future that works for you. I'm here to help guide you on your journey while you achieve your desires.
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