The Magic of Thinking Big

Magic of Thinking Big

By David J. Schwartz, Ph.D.

The way we think is one part of the equation for success. Whether it’s success in creating your dreams or just living a better life, the thoughts we think have a dynamic impact on the outcome. In The Magic of Thinking BIG, Dr. Schwartz outlines ways that we trip ourselves up with our thinking and gives valuable advice about how to construct thoughts that work for us instead of against us.

It was amazing that many of my handwritten notes in the margins were just as valuable today as they were seven or eight years ago when I first read this book. The reminder that many people suffer from “excusitis” caused me to look at what I was making excuses about. Schwartz then outlined how to recognize the excuse and then move past it. Very valuable indeed.

If you take the time to read The Magic of Thinking BIG, you will improve your thinking. The way you look at the world influences what you are experiencing. To have the best life, create the best ways of thinking. This book will help you improve your thinking and thus your life.

Golden Nugget: “Four Things You Can Do to Lick Health Excusitis:
– Refuse to talk about your health.
– Refuse to worry about your health.
– Be genuinely grateful that your health is as good as it is.
– Remind yourself often, ‘It’s better to wear out than rust out.’”(p. 31-32)

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