Guiding Personal Source

By Hector E. Garcia, D.C.

Fabulous book. Easy to understand and follow. Great for the beginner as well as the more advanced.

I have taken Dr. Garcia’s seminars, have had personal sessions with him and can testify that the information presented in the book actually works. Once you learn to tap into the energy field, you will be able to clear the blocks that are holding you in place. The book gives various ways to create more clarity and balance. Life issues truly can be inverted and neutralized in a moment.

He highlights three questions (and then shows how to test for the truth in the answers):

  • Is my issue really an issue?
  • Does thinking about my issue make it an issue?
  • Is the thought of not having an issue the problem?

While I’ve heard these before, when I read Guiding Personal Source, a new understanding came forth. Was I holding onto an issue not because of the issue, but because the thought of not actually having it was unimaginable?

I’ll definitely be reading this book over and over.

Golden Nugget: Dr. Garcia talks about how everything is in relationship. Your issue is as much in relationship to you as you are to it.

Yes With Joy!

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