Real feedback from Judith's clients

Each testimonial from a client is like a photo – they are worth a thousand words.

As a result of my services as a dream creation coach, I have helped my clients take their ideas from imagination to completion, from spark to reality, from question to YES! I have helped them get what they want!

Let's connect. I'm sure I can do the same for you too.
“I am always impressed by Judith’s continual commitment to personal development. And, I am even more impressed with her amazing ability to use her unique intuitive gifts to facilitate amazing life changes for others. 

Judith Joy has been my trusted friend and colleague for over 20 years. What sets Judith apart is her incredible kindness, coupled with amazing intuition and perception. If you want to transform your life, Judith can do it.”
– Dr. Ronald Jahner ND, D.ACACD
Naturopathic Consultant and Trainer - LAc. CAd. ICP
"Working with Judith opened me to the world of possibilities that exist when I am willing to dream big and release limiting thoughts. Judith's lessons have guided me on my journey with energy and I've manifested so much magic in my life using the principles she teaches."
– Sarah Hirsch, Insider for O, The Oprah Magazine and founder of
"I have stepped into something amazing. I feel effervescent! It is just starting but I can see where it should go but I have no earthly idea how I'm going to get there! But it feels so good and I have no doubt that my work with you is what manifested this path."
– Rachel Tzinberg
"I just wanted to share something that I thought you'd like to hear.  One of our staff members was at a conference downstate and has been lamenting some issues we had been having with private landlords for some of our clients in housing.  She said that she knew she needed to change her mindset and start thinking about success.  Lo and behold, while she was at the conference, she was randomly approached by an individual who is looking to develop some affordable housing and just needs partners.  We're meeting with him this week to discuss details.

The best part was when this staff member called me to tell me about the meeting.  Her first words were "Judith Joy was totally right."  The impact of our work with you is already being felt!"
– Joel Williams
"I spoke with Judith and she was such a spark of light. She helped me realize things that I hadn’t realized were inside of me. 

You have helped me on my path to self discovery. I can not thank you enough."
– Artemisia Ashe
"In a time of giving thanks, I wanted to take a moment to send you a note of my gratitude. I am grateful for the impact you have made in my life personally, but I am also so grateful for the impact that you have made in the energy of the school! The teachers who have been working with you have been continuing their high vibes outside of our sessions, and I can see the difference especially during this extremely crazy year!

I also wanted to take a moment to thank you for your transparency and honesty in our
conversations. I so enjoy the opportunity I have to work with you as a key member of our Board of Trustees, and I just wanted to let you know that I really value our relationship."
– Kathryn Dillion
"I wanted to write you a note to let you know about all the change that has happened in my life since I came to some of your dream seminars. At the time, I was at a toxic job and in a terrible marriage. We put together dream boxes and I imagined a new life with a fulfilling role and a partner who loved and cherished me. A few months later my life changed!!

I've been divorced about 10 months. I have a new job as a general counsel of a growing company- a total step up from my prior role! I also have met the most amazing, loving, wonderful man. He is everything my husband was not! But I'm not sure I would have given him a chance if I hadn't been exposed to your lessons or thought outside my usual boxes.

So in short-- thank you! My life is in such a different place than it was a year ago. I really feel your lessons gave me the strength to do this and changed my mindset for the better. I am so GRATEFUL for everything and thank those in my life almost daily. So I wanted to thank you too!"
– Tracy Jacobson
"I wanted to thank you for yesterday! It was a great conversation and got a lot of wheels
turning! I am starting to put together a dream journal, every page will have a dream and spell out how I’d like it to manifest. I look forward to getting started and I will be sure to share anything notable.
I also have to mention, COBALT BLUE WORKS!! In less than 24-hours it has become a habit
before I get into the car, when I get out of the car. I thought it as I was putting my son down to sleep and YES he slept the entire night in his own bassinet."
– Marie Burquist
I am absolutely thrilled with the record deal - it's been - *literally* - my life goal. 

I struggled my entire life to get exactly this type of industry recognition and support, and following your method sent me down a road where my life dream just fell into place I am! And it's only the beginning.
– Lisa Ginensky (now known as Lisa Gee. She did it! She has a recording contract!)

Yes With Joy!

It’s time to say YES! to a future that works for you. I'm here to help guide you on your journey while you achieve your desires. Please contact us today through email or by phone or text at 847-250-7450.

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