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What Clients Are Saying

I have worked with Judith Joy for over three years dealing with work related, relationship related and health related issues. The most consistent benefit I receive during and after our sessions is a shift in energy, most often from stuck to unstuck and from constricted to expansive. This shift allows me to experience space and possibilities where I didn’t feel them before. Judith can embrace extremely intense and difficult problems with surprising ease, intuition, gentleness and respect. I enjoy Judith’s playful style which always helps me open to what is possible beyond my current framework. Though there is often laughter during the session, her playfulness does not detract from the relevant and practical nature of her work. I highly recommend Judith to anyone who wants to experience new ways of feeling and looking at things. – Sheila Wang

Ms. Joy was able to help me analyze my perspective on a problematic relationship. With her help, I was able to shift my view and feelings on the situation. My relationship is much better now, given her help. Thank you Judith. – Eric F. Achepohl

My wife and I relied on Judith’s sessions to help us through the most awful time we ever faced – her battle with cancer. My wife’s level of anxiety and discomfort were quite high, but Judith’s techniques and selection of music were very calming, relaxing and beneficial. She told me more than once that Judith’s sessions did for her mind what a massage did for her body. The sessions also provided us an outlet for emotional energy and allowed us to support one another more intensely than before. – Jim Janikowski

Judith and I began talking about energy several months ago when I stopped by for a visit. With my curiousity peaked, I decided to work with her on better understanding why I was having such a difficult time coming to terms with a major life decision I made. Through her work on me, I was able to begin the healing process and release the guilt and sadness I was feeling. Without even a single touch I began to feel as though a physical weight was being removed from me. I felt lighter and my tears flowed freely. I have felt more open to love and forgiveness and it has positively impacted a relationship that had the potential to be negative. Thank you Judith – Crissy Bernstein

Huge challenges and stress have defined my business and family life for the past several years. Our youngest son struggles with Autism. Our family struggles to support him and maintain our sanity. I own my own business and in this economy… well, enough said. Negative thoughts and feelings overwhelmed me daily. I just could not shake them. Judith worked with me for only 90 minutes over the phone.

Somehow she picked up on how music changes my state of mind. She asked me to remember times when I felt truly invincible, powerful and loved. She helped me connect those times to one of my favorite musical pieces. She asked me to listen every day in the morning to that piece, and let it take me to that invincible feeling. Of course, I agreed. And then did not take the coaching! But this morning, I DID listen… several times! As I listened, I could feel my energy change. I come to work and had great success tackling a long standing problem. I am regaining that feeling of invincibility. You want that feeling too? Talk to Judith. – Bill Metcalf

Talking with Judith has literally changed my life. During one of our first conversations, she taught me about “rules.” Now, if I don’t like the way something is going in my life I look at the rule and I change it. It sounds so simple that it doesn’t seem feasible. But it is! This has significantly helped me in my daily personal and professional life. I started with small… easy rules and watched the changes. Now, I’m learning to be more courageous with what I want my rules to be and Judith has been such a great help in this way. Judith is a great listener and has a wonderful sense of humor. And let’s face it sometimes you just have to take a step back and just laugh. She is genuine and warm and I continue to learn something new every time I talk to her. – Sandy Bleaman, Deputy Director, Integrative Touch for Kids, www.integrativetouch.org

I learned that there are so many ways that you can make yourself feel better. She showed me all these different methods that I could use to make things better. I did one of her methods to make it stop raining, and it did. And one time we were late for the airport and I said, “We should use our energy!” We didn’t get one red light on the way there! – Olivia, 9 years old

Judith Joy has been an extraordinary volunteer and supporter of the work Integrative Touch for Kids does for families with children with special medical needs. Her ability to open people’s hearts to new possibilities is truly a rare and wonderous gift! Judith is an advocate for children, a gifted healer, and an uncommonly joyous and grounded woman. It is a pleasure to know Judith and to have the privilege of working with her. – Shay Beider, MPH, LMT, Founder and Executive Director of Integrative Touch for Kids, www.integrativetouch.org

Judith Joy is a powerful example of a person who has skillfully sought to improve herself and her world. She is a compassionate self-starter, who through her many efforts to improve the world, has chosen to learn and achieve mastery of matrix energy therapy. In this practice, Judith is able to show and share her strength, compassion, and intuition.To me it appears that she practices as a combination of counselor, energy worker and friend, all coming together as a whole in a pure desire to help all people feel healthier and happier. It also must be said, that there is a very real substance in her work and approach, this is energy work that you can truly feel. – Tad Howard, Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer

Judith was a JOY to work with. Her positive energy radiates all around her. When we met for lunch we talked about her work and how it might be applied to help me in my work environment and my business. She gave me some of her intuitive suggestions such as adding color and a plant to my work space.
She also amazed me as she demonstrated working with my own energy. As she slowly moved her hands in front of me I actually could feel a strong force upon me and there was no doubt this energy was a result of Judith’s ability to create this sensation. The possibilities are endless as to the positive effects her energy work can produce in everyday applications and I look forward to meeting with Judith again. – Barb

Many years ago, I began my search for knowledge, peace, and ultimately happiness and the voyage has not ended. The results of having so many liberating experiences, including Buddhism, auditing, Rolfing, and many more things that expand my belief system, has not only enriched my life, made me healthier, but has also allowed me to relish new experiences, and so I enjoy the search.

I suppose many would not even try a phone call like ours. I would also suppose many whom are not open and in tune with themselves might not realize or discount the benefit of one phone call. But, just as being with someone angry enturbulates, being with someone with a peaceful nature calms. Though we are not accustomed to quantifying these results, they are, nevertheless, tangible.

And so it was with our phone call. At the end we were laughing, jovial, and feeling pretty good. What’s it worth to be with someone who lifts your spirits? What are you capable of when you are feeling great and have a “lighter” spirit? Priceless, with endless possibilities.

Nelson Mendela once said that “our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure!” So the challenge for us is to help people become “lighter” in that their capabilities become beyond measure. So I will never underestimate the power of a phone call again! Thanks! – Dr. Ivan Valcarenghi, DDS

I have had the pleasure of working for Judith for several years before experiencing my first energy cleansing (please correct me here if I am off base but that is what it felt like to me). To start with there is nothing you have to worry about. I had spent the last five years dealing with Doctors, cortisone shots, x-rays, physical therapy and other failed options for a few ailments from my indestructible youth. Judith recommended an energy cleansing to help me rid my body of negative, harmful and blocking energy and to help me be more positive (not that I was a negative person we can all use good energy). I was very pleased with the entire experience which involved me relaxing, breathing, thinking positively while Judith redirected, removed, replaced the good and bad energy (once again, correct me for the odd terminology but this is my interpretation).

This was much better than my noted previous experiences (I distinctly remember one physical therapist that saw himself as a failure if my knee wasn’t more flexible than last time so he would push me to the point of extreme discomfort). Within about a minute of having my energy “worked”, not only did I feel mentally more relaxed, I physically felt better to a level I haven’t had in years. Don’t forget, this is not like a massage or acupuncture, there is no physical contact made. Not only did I not feel pain in a trick knee, I felt relieved and released of negative feelings, pains and even thoughts (pain in my knee wasn’t my goal going into it either). – Jon Shabica