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Teachable Moments

Zoom is great for staying in touch with my grandkids. On a recent Zoom call with my 8-year-old granddaughter (Miss M), as we talked, the noise level kept rising. Her dad was on a phone call in the next room. Her brother was in the same room as Miss M and making noise. Her mother was down the hall, ... Read more

Illuminating Your Values

    Your values are valuable. Values are those ideals that ourselves to be in order to live our lives. Who and what do you choose to be at the core of your being? Your list will be different from others just because you are different. You can live your life according to the values you choose thus creating a life that ... Read more

What Feeling Works for You

During a recent client session, the client was lamenting how challenging it is to figure out all the details for her new company. She is still in the dreaming stage, and it seems as if she is hitting the wall and things are much more difficult than they need to be. I asked her to back it up a ... Read more

Observe and Be

What do you do when you don’t do? I’ve heard that it’s not about doing. It’s about being.  And I thought I’d been doing that. Or rather, being that. This past week, I understood it on a deeper level. It’s about observing. That’s right. Observing. I got the message all over the place to observe. After five different people mentioned observing ... Read more

Five Ways to Be Kind to Yourself

I am soooo incredibly grateful for the massive headaches that I had recently. Of course, while I had them and couldn’t see or think straight, I wasn’t so grateful. However, afterwards when I realized what they were about, the gratitude overflowed. I realized that I was lucky. I was lucky that all I had was a massive week-long headache. It ... Read more