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“False Belief Alert! False Belief Alert! Stop! It’s the FBA!” Lights are flashing. Sirens are whirring. Horns are blaring. Another false belief has been found. Yahoo yippee high yea.

I publicly want to thank my folks for pointing out another false belief that I had. They don’t know what they did, but it opened a whole new level of releasing for me. I’ve heard that everything that pops up as an irritant is an opportunity to release, but this is the first time I’ve seen it for myself. Let me explain.

Last night at dinner, Adam encouraged me to tell my dad and second mom that the doctor said that I was as healthy as an 8-10 year old. I long ago accepted that whatever measure my doctor uses to determine this was fine with me, as I have been getting healthier and healthier. In fact, I like the idea. We even joked about what happens when I get to zero. Do I start again at 100? But, back to the subject at hand.

I was reluctant to share what the doctor said, because I knew that my folks would be disbelievers and I was right. What I didn’t realize was that their unbelieving questioning of my sanity and the abilities of my chosen doctors (all usual stuff) was a gift. At some point during the night (5 am to be exact), it all clicked. I had also questioned the belief that at 51, how could I feel as good as an 8-10 year old? Is it possible, to let that go? YESSS! Could I allow myself to have as much energy as a kid? YESSS! Wait a minute, what other false beliefs am I holding on to?

What about the idea that my muscles cramp when I exercise too much (which is actually not all that much)? Could I let that go? You bet. Oh wait. There is another. Could I allow myself to accept the idea that I can have as much fun as a kid? Another YESSS! What about being able to eat what I want? Do I really need food sensitivities? Could I let that go? YESSS! For that matter, do I really need more supplements? I’d never thought about it before. But is it possible to actually release enough so that I will be healthy (and stay healthy) without taking supplements? Hey, it’s worth a try. While the supplements have been a very useful tool and have helped me to get to where I am, can I now get even healthier on my own by releasing only? YESSS!

Wait a minute. It is starting to sound like I’m a releasing devotee. I guess I am. I find myself releasing when I drive, when I exercise and even when I sleep. Releasing has become a way of life. And now that I am recognizing even more false beliefs hidden in my psyche, it is getting really exciting. I don’t have to go looking for things to release on. I just have to pay attention to all the little assumptions that I’ve made about myself. Some of the assumptions were true in the past, but are they true any longer? And were they actually true before, or was it only to allow myself to accept a situation or feeling and thus hang on to it? Could I let that go? YESSS!

The type of releasing that I do was developed by Lester Levinson, and now two of his disciples are spreading the word. Hal Dwoskin is teaching through The Sedona Method and Larry Crane is teaching through The Release Technique. Basically, they are the same. I have listened to CDs from both, but generally follow Larry’s lead for two reasons. First, my friends introduced me to him and his technique. Secondly, he has occasional seminars in Chicago. Both methods can be found online. And if you are ready to let go of old emotional baggage, this is a great method. I love being able to discover and then let go of false beliefs that no longer serve me. It is sort of like cleaning out the luggage closet of my soul. And in a feng shui way, I can actually feel that there is less clutter within my closet (aka my body). The energy shift is tremendously freeing.

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  1. Michael December 22, 2008 at 12:15 pm

    You have helped me understand what The Sedona Method and The Release Technique teachings are about in one big quick swoop. I have been hesitating in wanting to pick up a book about these teachings, but with your Release I can assume that the techniques and knowledge will engage at a swifter shift due to your efforts in explaining False Belief Alerts, thank you.

    Yes, I suppose we are all encompassing in our Abilities in that if we could release to everything and then we can attract all that we are longing for in every situation. Where our heart truly resides that is where we shall be. In which I have had a strong belief that if our hearts are in the efforts of our desires we could accomplish anything but now it appears that our Hearts should be around our efforts awing it with our passions of life in how we fancy it.

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