Happy Birthday JT

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Tomorrow, you will be 18. A well deserved birthday for a well deserving son. Please choose the life you want to live. How you think, feel and act translate into who you are. Take the extra moment to plan, pray and become who you want to be. As a first step, I am giving you your freedom.

This means no more rules – except if they relate to the house, car or family. You can stay out as late as you want. You can do your homework or not. You can talk on the phone after 10 p.m. (but please no incoming calls, as this affects me). Together, let’s go over the “rules” that still apply.

But remember with these freedoms come responsibilities and consequences. If you take the time and aren’t impulsive, then the consequences will be positive. Take a breath and think of the outcome of your actions before you act. Look past the immediate future, which always looks fun. For example, staying up all night is fun in the moment, however, performing well the next day is then a challenge (and I sure hope you don’t have to take an exam).

You can make the right choices for you. It is now time for you to be responsible for yourself, instead of me always stepping in. I love you and know that you will make the choices in your life that you need to in order to learn whatever your life lessons are. I just pray that your choices lead to a happy and fulfilling life filled with love.

I love you with all my heart.