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Talk to the Entities Book Review


By Michael Michalko

If you are looking for more ways to be creative, look no further. This book is so full of techniques to increase your creativity that it will probably take me a year to try all of them. That being said, I love the ones that I have tried and wanted to share this book with you before I finished it.

Many of the techniques involve asking questions to look at your “problem” from many different angles or viewpoints. The book includes many questions to stretch your imagination. And if you like asking questions (as I do) then these new questions may give you some ideas that you hadn’t thought of before for a new way of thinking.

The various techniques help you see beyond the ordinary and conventional ways. Playing with context and perspective help us to focus on process instead of outcomes. This is a process book that will improve your outcomes.

Golden Nugget: “Questions to ask when using the reversal principle are:

  • Can I transpose positive and negative?
  • What are the opposites?
  • What are the negatives?
  • Should I turn it around? Up instead of down? Down instead of up?
  • Consider it backwards?
  • Reverse roles?
  • Do the unexpected?”

(p. 104)