Review: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

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Book Review

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

By Joseph Murphy, PH.D, D. D.

If you buy one book about how to transform your life, this may be it. It has so much information that it would benefit you to read it slowly so that you can absorb it. It is a very practical book.

This book helps point out the limits that each of us have placed within our own lives (and minds). A big part of the book is looking at the thoughts we tell ourselves and how they can be changed by using the subconscious mind to work for us instead of against us. It is full of many new rules (new ways of thinking of something) that will help you along on your journey of transformation.

Truth be told, I bought this book three times over the years. Each time thinking that I hadn’t seen it before. As you progress through your transformational journey, the book will speak to you in different ways and something else will pop off the page and be important at that point in time.

Golden Nugget: “Power goes into our word according to the feeling and faith behind it….There must be no mental striving, coercion, force, or mental wrestling.” P. 94