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Talk to the Entities Book Review

Talk to the Entities

By Shannon O’Hara

Talk to the Entities is an easy read with valuable information. It begins with a history of how entities have influenced the author throughout her life. It then continues with examples of how she helped others clear the influence entities had on their lives. Finally, she gives a few methods that you can use if you suspect that entities are playing apart in your life.

Whether you believe in entities (spirits who remain behind after the body dies) or not, this book has valuable information. This was the second time I’ve read it and found even more information.

Golden Nugget: Your fear doesn’t have to rule your life. Entities don’t have to be scary…if you have the perspective that they can be something else. “If you can start to ask what energies are there that are playful and nice, ask for playmates. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have fun with it rather than be scared.” (p. 156)