Review: Sedona Journal of Emergence, January 2019

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Book Review

Sedona Journal of Emergence, January 2019

By Light Technology Publishing

I saw this journal at the book store and was intrigued by the cover picture. So, I picked it up and was fascinated that there was an entire magazine devoted to channeled messages. There are minimal advertisements and lots of articles.

The information includes conscious living, creating your future, manifesting with the heart, coping with dramatic changes on earth, living in 4th dimensional consciousness and more. Some are easier to understand than others, and all are reminders that we have an influence on our own lives by what we are thinking and feeling.

I’m excited to see what next month’s issue is about.

Golden Nugget: “Changes are the new normal. Bring out your curiosity and your willingness for adventure, and you will see love in action in your life.” (Manifest Your Desires Awake in the Fourth Light, The Council of Transition through Takeli MMagdalen, p. 51)