Review: Psychics, Healers, & Mediums

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Book Review

Psychics, Healers, & Mediums

By Jenniffer Weigel

This is an easy read about the author’s visits with various psychics, healers and mediums. It was very interesting to see how different ones gave messages and what those messages were. Throughout the book there are nuggets of wisdom that can be applied to everyone.

Golden Nugget: Carolyn Myss was interviewed and quoted as saying: “Follow your instincts, because it’s probably your destiny calling….Most people are terrified to take a look at all they can be….People are afraid of the responsibility that comes with knowing yourself more deeply.” (p. 176-7) In short, people are fearful of following their instincts because it will lead them to their greatness, which is different from where they are at and by being different, it feels uncomfortable.