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Book Review


By Eldon Taylor

The book Gotcha! by Eldon Taylor is worth getting EVEN IF YOU NEVER OPEN IT! That’s a strange statement for a book review. Let me explain.

The title, Gotcha! says it all. Just viewing that word reminds you that others are manipulating us whether it’s intentionally as with advertising or unintentionally as with their own limiting beliefs. They are actually stealing your free will. Stealing? Well, maybe not stealing. Maybe it’s more that we are giving it away. Yes, giving it away when we choose to believe them.

How are people manipulating you? Put the book on your coffee table and then as you watch TV, read a book, listen to the debates or even talk with someone keep asking yourself, “What are they doing to manipulate me? What would it take for me to stand in my truth? What can I do or be to be more of my true me?”

And if you decide to actually read the book, you will find it filled with a lot of useful information. You will be surprised at how the “world” seems to be manipulating you. This manipulation is very subtle in many cases, but once your eyes are open to how others are stomping on your free will, you will be more aware and can thus make your own choices. Thus reclaiming your free will.

Well worth the read.