Review: F**k It, The Ultimate Spiritual Way

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Book Review

f**k it, the ultimate spiritual way

by John Parkin

This seems like a stream of consciousness book loosely organized, but still packed full of valuable information. The basic message is to say, “f**k it” and by doing so to accept yourself and everything around you without judgment. Thus, feeling the relief of accepting what is. This is a fun, lighthearted way of letting go and not having an attachment or aversion to something. F**k it gives valuable information and a new way of looking at spirituality.

Where are you holding onto a judgment that if you let go of it, you would have more peace?

Golden Nugget: Parkin was writing about his peace trip…his search for peace when “…one day I realized that wanting to be peaceful and monk-like was just making me judgemental (sic) about all the bits in me that aren’t.” (p. 95)