Review: Choices and Illusions

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Book Review

Choices and Illusions

By Eldon Taylor

Choices and Illusions is about the choices that we make based upon our thoughts, which are in fact NOT our own thoughts. Just think of all the messages we absorb throughout the day from teachers, clergy, friends, family, advertisements, radio, TV, etc. and you will realize that Taylor is correct. Most of what we think has been programmed into us. Therefore, it’s an illusion that we are making choices because if we make choices based upon A, B, or C and they have all been programed into us, are we really making a choice?

Taylor comes at the whole “problem” by saying if this is so then let’s use this “programming” to our benefit. He believes that subliminal messaging (hidden in music) is the way to accomplish this.

While I agree with much of the information in the book, I have always been taught (there you go, someone else’s ideas) that subliminal messaging is bad. So, I’ve been fighting within myself. Is it bad? Isn’t it bad? What I came up with was that to willfully listen to subliminal messaging one has to truly trust the person doing the programming.