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Book Review

Mindful Loving

By Henry Grayson, PH. D.

When I first read Mindful Loving, I was impressed with one story in particular. In writing about how important our thoughts are, Grayson conveyed a story about him and his wife. Here is a synopsis: He noticed that when he thought loving thoughts about his wife, he would come home and his wife was in a good mood. Then when he thought negative thoughts about his wife, his wife would be in a bad mood when he came home. This experiment went on for a few weeks until he told her what he was doing. She was relieved to know that it wasn’t all her.

This highlights how the things we think influence more than just us. This book is filled with many practices to improve relationships.

Golden Nugget: “When I have a strong emotional charge on something, it is worth taking a look inside to understand what it is about. Usually, I had learned, such a strong charge is a signal that I have not worked through an important issue and warrants some thoughtful reflection.” P. 225