Review: Busting Loose from the Money Game

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Book Review

Busting Loose from the Money Game

By Robert Scheinfeld

Busting Loose from the Money Game is about your consciousness. After all, according to Scheinfeld (and many others), life is played entirely in consciousness and every detail is designed by each of us. He calls this the Human Game.

What you think and feel creates your reality – including your money. You begin with The Field of infinite possibility, apply power to the chosen possibility and out pops your desire. The less you believe and have faith, the less you convince yourself and the less likely your desire will pop forth. A big part of the power is belief.

This is a simplified version and of course the book goes into much greater depth and is filled with lots of explanations. While this book is focused on money, it can be applied to life.

Golden Nugget: “When you experience discomfort of any kind:

  • Dive right smack into the middle of it.
  • Feel the discomfort energy fully.
  • When it reaches a peak of intensity, tell The Truth about it.
  • Reclaim your power from it.
  • Open up more and more to who you really are.
  • Express appreciation for yourself and the creation.” P. 99-100

(For a deeper understanding of this, please read the book. It is excellent.)