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Thinking Soft

It’s never too soon to learn how to manifest your desires.  Recently, my grandkids were visiting Poppy and me (Grammy).  The kids at eight and five were in the pool with me.  They were talking about when Poppy wakes up. It was time to play with our imaginations.  So, we imagined Poppy rolling over in bed, throwing his covers off, ... Read more


I took a page from my daughter’s playbook and set aside a day to de-people.  I actually planned a day (and wrote it in my calendar) in which I didn’t interact with other people, except for my husband.  Even he respected my alone time and he chose to go hit golf balls, go to the grocery store and make ... Read more
Whatever Works

Whatever Works

What if there is no right or wrong, good or bad? What if the only criteria is does it work or doesn’t it? Life would be so simple. We could let go of all the judgment, criticism, worry, anxiety, accusations, and so on. If the only criteria is does it work, then it’s only a matter of looking at what ... Read more

2019 Rocks! Setting the Tone for 2019 (Part 1 of 5)

Be the star of your own life, not an extra.  It’s your life.  You get to design it. This five-part series, beginning today, will help you set the tone for the new year and help you achieve your dreams.  I’m warning you - it’s different than the normal New Year’s resolutions.  You will start feeling the success from the first ... Read more

Muscle Memory

Is it ever over?  Will I ever be done with it?  It seems as if I’m always releasing, shifting, letting go, visualizing, etc.  I even do it in my dreams.  The inner work seems to be endless.  There is always more to do.  But I can say that I am overall happier, more peaceful and less reactive.  I’d like ... Read more