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Resistance Steals Energy

Resistance steals energy.  I’d always heard it, but I didn’t really believe it.  Until today.  They say that if you are doing the things you like, you will feel energized when you do them.  Those same people, whomever they may be, also say that if you do things that you don’t really want to do, then you feel drained. For ... Read more

Love and Neutrality

Being in love and being neutral at the same time is a really strange feeling.  With one, it’s all consuming. With the other, it’s almost no feeling…or so it seems. Let me explain.  I fell in love recently, and he’s a great guy, but unfortunately he lives 1,200 miles away.  We talk every day, multiple times a day, and recently ... Read more

Rules Lie

Ladies’ Night In was last night. Each month, I invite a few female friends to get together and chat at my home. In October, we had a bonfire. November was busy and I was out of town more than I was in (or so it seemed), so we skipped November. December’s Ladies’ Night In was a bust. Only two ... Read more

Starting in the Moment

Start from where you are at.  This sounds simple enough, especially if you think of something like taking a walk.  But it is amazing how often we are uncomfortable with where we are. Certain things stick in my mind.  I remember an incident that happened 10 years ago as if it just happened.  I was driving Shoshi, who was 12 ... Read more

Fear and Faith

What do fear and faith have in common? They both require you to believe in something you can’t see. Joel Osteen Read more