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Get “It” Done!

You’ve never had reluctance to do something or dragged your feet before finally getting “it” done.  Right?  Be truthful. Everyone occasionally (or more often) finds themselves having to do something that they don’t really want to do.  Whether it’s writing a thank you note or looking for a new job, there can be some resistance to doing “it” that causes ... Read more

An Insight Ah-Ha Moment

  As often happens, I get an ah-ha moment before or while talking with a client.  Yesterday, I discovered a thought pattern that leads to many of my headaches.  I was excited for me and for the new client that would benefit from this insight.  Here it is... If I’m asked to do something (and don’t really want to), I feel ... Read more

Muscle Memory

Is it ever over?  Will I ever be done with it?  It seems as if I’m always releasing, shifting, letting go, visualizing, etc.  I even do it in my dreams.  The inner work seems to be endless.  There is always more to do.  But I can say that I am overall happier, more peaceful and less reactive.  I’d like ... Read more


True is true.  Right?  Well, not really.  In reality, "It’s only true until it’s not.”  When I first heard this, I was taken aback.  After all, if it is true it is true.  But things change.  People change their minds.  Research studies are proven wrong all the time. Darwin knew this when he wrote about the survival of the strongest. ... Read more

Turn Blahs to Ahs

So many of us are stuck in what we don’t have that we focus on the negative and forget to build dreams. Fortunately, what we focus on is what we get.  We get to choose.  If you want to focus on the mundane, everyday responsibilities that bog you down and very often lead to a bad case of the ... Read more