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It Always Works Out

Travel days can be challenging if you choose them to be. Or things can work out. One day last spring, I could have moaned and groaned about everything, but I just kept silently repeating, “It always works out for me. I don’t have to know how. It just does.” And it did. Here is how the travel experience went: When ... Read more

Spanish Matrix

It was football Sunday and the Bears were playing. Now, I’m not a huge fan, but I will sit with the boys and watch so that at least we are together. (And it’s a whole lot better than a lot of the other stuff on TV.) Well, today JT and I were watching the game while Adam was studying in ... Read more

Good From Bad

Somewhere on the web this morning, there was an article about a woman who blogs about parenting. This is nothing new, but the uproar was because her son had overdosed and died, yet her readers didn’t know that she and her family were battling this. I’m on the woman’s side. Yes, this experience would have enriched the blog series, but ... Read more

Nothing Happened, Except…

Last night, the Practitioner's Fair went very well. My stuff was well received with comments such as: "I didn't know you did this." "You have powerful energy." "Nothing happened, well, except for my knee jumping 6 inches, but nothing happened." (HaHa) "It feels so good to be in the Matrix again." "I forgot how much fun this was." And ... Read more

Today’s The Day

This is it. My coming out party. Mercury is finally out of retrograde. My planets are lining up. I've pulled my oracle cards and they assure me that what I've been playing with to manifest will in fact manifest. Tonight is the Practitioners' Fair for the Infinity Foundation and yours truly will be demonstrating Matrix Energetics and consciousness transformation. It's ... Read more