Living in 5D

Living in 5D

It was a brief thought that flitted through my daughter’s mind as we shopped for bathing suits. “Check Facebook.” Shoshi didn’t know what the connection was yet followed up with the inspired action. She pulled out her phone and checked. After all, we had just done some super powerful clearing about her following her intuition. She saw the post from ... Read more
Rich Petals

It’s a Question of Love

The question was, “Do you believe in God?” The action was a slug to the arm. This was the action of a woman confronting a Salvation Army helper (who was collecting money).  The “grievous” offense was that the woman collecting the money said, “Happy Holidays,” and the woman doing the hitting thought it should have been “Merry Christmas.” My first thought was ... Read more
Tall Reeds

Rigidity/Vywamus 2

“…there are always at least six ways to do everything and certainly it is important to recognize how true that is.  If you get into a pattern of rigidity which says,  ‘This is the only way to do whatever it is you are trying to do,’ then you are feeding into rigidity and inflexibility and cannot take advantage of ... Read more
Tropical Paradise

Truth…Life is Meant To…

If it feels right, I’m willing to accept that there is truth in it…until I don’t accept it.  Well, I came upon a thought yesterday that gave me pause.  I was listening to Dr. Dain Heer (Access Consciousness) and he said that the whole idea that we are in this Universe to learn lessons was silly. After all, if ... Read more


Purpose:  This exercise is a way to balance or neutralize emotions/feelings.  The more neutral you are, the less of a knee jerk reaction you have about things and the better your intuition becomes. How to do it: Take a deep breath and exhale. Continue breathing normally. Hold your hands, palms up with your elbows at your waist as if you ... Read more
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