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I took a page from my daughter’s playbook and set aside a day to de-people.  I actually planned a day (and wrote it in my calendar) in which I didn’t interact with other people, except for my husband.  Even he respected my alone time and he chose to go hit golf balls, go to the grocery store and make ... Read more
Be a High Vibe

Be a High Vibe

Apparently, I’m a motivational speaker. “Hello Dream Creators.” And the speech began. I projected my voice and my confidence grew with each laugh and comment from the audience. This audience is my favorite type. They interacted with me as I spoke. Saturday, I gave a speech about Being a High Vibe at Wheatle Peart’s Global Luxury Tea Party. This was ... Read more
Yeah! A Sign

Yeah! A Sign

Squirrelly has a new meaning after today for my friend, a doctor. She went into the office on Sunday for an emergency patient after not having been there for three days. Before opening the door, she looked through the glass panels and saw that her office had been tossed. It looked like a bomb had gone ... Read more

When Someone Says Something You Don’t Like. . .

What are you doing against yourself that could be labeled as passive aggressive? When I heard in a class that according to a personality test, I could be passive aggressive, my mind immediately went to, “not me.”  But that is what I don’t like in others.  And since what we don’t like in others is actually something we don’t like ... Read more

Words Make a Difference

For the past few weeks, I’ve been MIA.  I haven’t written and shared.  There are a dozen reasons, and when you get right down to it, I chose not to.  I chose to honor what my body was going through. And I discovered that even when I was “down,” I was still an awesome dream creator.  (Clue.  Be careful what ... Read more