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The Mind Body Connection

Thoughts really are real! I just had the most amazing experience. My massage therapist (Tad) and I were talking when my stomach started to hurt. So, as we had done many times before, I asked him to put his hands on my stomach and tell me the message it was trying to give me. His inner eye saw a ... Read more

Do or Don’t Do

To do or don't do? That is the question. This morning when I awoke, I was in the middle of a dream, however, as often happens I couldn't remember it. So, as I awoke, I asked for the message from the dream. And I heard, "Do or don't do." What does this mean? Is this a whole life do ... Read more

Banana Bread

“Banana bread. Yum!” I could hear the hint, hint behind my college-age daughter’s words at her reply to my comment about rotten bananas on the counter. “Oh, I can send you some.” Was this reply from my mouth? For you see, Suzy Homemaker I’m not. It all started innocently enough. After all, millions of Moms send their kids care packages every ... Read more

A New Start to the Day

Eating breakfast can be boring if I just stare into space.  I’m one of those people who likes to read as I eat by myself.  (I know it is better to eat and enjoy the food, then to cover up the experience with something else, but oh well.)  Anyway, I hit on something new -- reading oracle cards and ... Read more