It Always Works Out

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It Always Works Out

Travel days can be challenging if you choose them to be. Or things can work out. One day last spring, I could have moaned and groaned about everything, but I just kept silently repeating, “It always works out for me. I don’t have to know how. It just does.” And it did. Here is how the travel experience went: When ... Read more

The Gift of Possibilities

What do windows, libraries, file cabinets, paintings and picture books all have in common? Depending on who was teaching, these are all methods to create a visualization or feeling to allow you to pull it into your reality. It is a simple question. Where is the window, book, file, or picture where (what you want) is located?  You don’t have ... Read more

Intention, Play and Let Go

The day didn’t start out so well, but it sure got better.  I opened my eyes, checked my head and noted that the headache was gone.  Then I turned over.  I was wrong.  The headache was back with a vengeance.  But luckily, (more…) Read more


I have just had the most amazing week in Tucson, Arizona participating in a healing retreat with Integrative Touch for Kids (ITK).  The purpose of this great organization is to provide a healing environment for special needs kids and their families.  This year, there were seven families and over 150 volunteers. This sounds like a lot -- and it ... Read more

Starting in the Moment

Start from where you are at.  This sounds simple enough, especially if you think of something like taking a walk.  But it is amazing how often we are uncomfortable with where we are. Certain things stick in my mind.  I remember an incident that happened 10 years ago as if it just happened.  I was driving Shoshi, who was 12 ... Read more