May 9, 2012
Over the Rainbow

A former client’s husband saw a rainbow. I’m sure you are asking why this is such a big deal. But, what you don’t know is the backstory. Last summer, this man’s wife was dying and I was playing with her energy to help her be more comfortable. As so often happened, we started talking. One […]

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May 2, 2012
It's a Sign

I love it when a plan comes together.  Better yet, I love it when I know what the plan is. Have you ever noticed in hindsight all the signs that were there, but didn’t seem important at the time?  Last week the signs came to a climax (or at least I hope that was the […]

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April 25, 2012
Cartoon Thinking

Cartoon Thinking I’m officially weird.  During a massage, I would have a thought or a visual image come to mind. I said them out loud and the points released more easily. (Even the therapist said this was helping.)  That by itself isn’t weird.  In fact, if muscles hold memories then when the muscles are stimulated […]

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April 19, 2012
Success is in the Offering

“Success is in the offering” sounds like a biblical term, possibly one dealing with money. But for me, it is more than just a phrase.  It is a feeling. A while ago, a teacher explained to me that it is enough to offer words of wisdom and encouragement in my coaching.  That is success.  If […]

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April 11, 2012
Resistance Steals Energy

Resistance steals energy.  I’d always heard it, but I didn’t really believe it.  Until today.  They say that if you are doing the things you like, you will feel energized when you do them.  Those same people, whomever they may be, also say that if you do things that you don’t really want to do, […]

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April 4, 2012
Living His Philosophy

I just got off the phone with my 24 year old son, who is finishing college.  And I have to say, I’m very proud of the young man he is turning out to be.  Somewhere along the way, things switched for him and he became a hard working young man with really solid morals and […]

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March 16, 2012
Love and Neutrality

Being in love and being neutral at the same time is a really strange feeling.  With one, it’s all consuming. With the other, it’s almost no feeling…or so it seems. Let me explain.  I fell in love recently, and he’s a great guy, but unfortunately he lives 1,200 miles away.  We talk every day, multiple […]

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February 14, 2012
Loving Me

Valentine’s Day is a day of love. Usually, people think of loving their kids or that special someone. But what if that special someone was you? What if you took this day to truly love everything about yourself? I challenge you to spend an hour today looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking about […]

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January 24, 2012
A Golden Moment

I thought snuggling on the couch, in front of the fireplace, doing homework with my teenage son was something of the past, but I was wrong…thankfully. It was a golden moment brought to us over a hard road. You see, I had had to step up to the plate and be a tough parent who […]

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December 13, 2011
Rules Lie

Ladies’ Night In was last night. Each month, I invite a few female friends to get together and chat at my home. In October, we had a bonfire. November was busy and I was out of town more than I was in (or so it seemed), so we skipped November. December’s Ladies’ Night In was […]

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