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Glowing Field


I’m not sure what to write, so I thought I’d give you an update on what is happening.  Of course I’m not sure if it’s an update if I haven’t told you anything yet. But here goes… My book…yes, I wrote a book…will be released mid-January.  Surviving Your Teenager…And Being Happy Anyway is aimed at 40-55 year olds to help ... Read more
Tropical Paradise

Truth…Life is Meant To…

If it feels right, I’m willing to accept that there is truth in it…until I don’t accept it.  Well, I came upon a thought yesterday that gave me pause.  I was listening to Dr. Dain Heer (Access Consciousness) and he said that the whole idea that we are in this Universe to learn lessons was silly. After all, if ... Read more
Solitary Boat

Force vs. Allowance

My whole life I felt out of step.  People would talk about setting a goal and then just going for it.  When I did this, my body rebelled.  I got a headache.  I specifically remember being in high school, telling my gymnastics coach that I wanted to make it to nationals in college gymnastics.  About an hour later I ... Read more
Water and Light

A Universal Nudge

Customer service has been popping up in my consciousness.  This means that I’ve been noticing it, or lack of it.  So what does this mean for me?  How will this observation benefit my life? First, let me tell you a rule I set up for myself.  If I notice something three times or more, then it’s a sign for me ... Read more
Sun Through The Palms

Seeing What I Knew, But Couldn’t See

The truth is right in front of me, but until I clear away the energy attached to it, I can’t see it.  This morning while balancing energy, I had a huge ah ha moment that I already knew, but until then didn’t know.  Let me explain. I knew that goals are important. What you focus on is what you get, ... Read more