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Observe and Be

What do you do when you don’t do? I’ve heard that it’s not about doing. It’s about being.  And I thought I’d been doing that. Or rather, being that. This past week, I understood it on a deeper level. It’s about observing. That’s right. Observing. I got the message all over the place to observe. After five different people mentioned observing ... Read more

Five Ways to Be Kind to Yourself

I am soooo incredibly grateful for the massive headaches that I had recently. Of course, while I had them and couldn’t see or think straight, I wasn’t so grateful. However, afterwards when I realized what they were about, the gratitude overflowed. I realized that I was lucky. I was lucky that all I had was a massive week-long headache. It ... Read more

Five Steps to Getting Your Inner Employee Working For You

You have a magic genie available to help you complete your projects.  This genie, also known as your inner employee, will “do” the work and bring ease into the process. It’s as simple as knowing what you truly desire, giving you inner employee clear directions, stepping out of the way, and taking action when you are guided to do so ... Read more

Get “It” Done!

You’ve never had reluctance to do something or dragged your feet before finally getting “it” done.  Right?  Be truthful. Everyone occasionally (or more often) finds themselves having to do something that they don’t really want to do.  Whether it’s writing a thank you note or looking for a new job, there can be some resistance to doing “it” that causes ... Read more

An Insight Ah-Ha Moment

  As often happens, I get an ah-ha moment before or while talking with a client.  Yesterday, I discovered a thought pattern that leads to many of my headaches.  I was excited for me and for the new client that would benefit from this insight.  Here it is... If I’m asked to do something (and don’t really want to), I feel ... Read more