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Get “It” Done!

You’ve never had reluctance to do something or dragged your feet before finally getting “it” done.  Right?  Be truthful. Everyone occasionally (or more often) finds themselves having to do something that they don’t really want to do.  Whether it’s writing a thank you note or looking for a new job, there can be some resistance to doing “it” that causes ... Read more

An Insight Ah-Ha Moment

  As often happens, I get an ah-ha moment before or while talking with a client.  Yesterday, I discovered a thought pattern that leads to many of my headaches.  I was excited for me and for the new client that would benefit from this insight.  Here it is... If I’m asked to do something (and don’t really want to), I feel ... Read more

Thinking Soft

It’s never too soon to learn how to manifest your desires.  Recently, my grandkids were visiting Poppy and me (Grammy).  The kids at eight and five were in the pool with me.  They were talking about when Poppy wakes up. It was time to play with our imaginations.  So, we imagined Poppy rolling over in bed, throwing his covers off, ... Read more

Relationship Wheel

Sometimes we don’t know the true reason we are led to do something. Recently, I’ve been looking at new cars.  There are many cars that are great, and at the same time, I haven’t found “the one.” Yesterday, I decided to open my horizons and look at a different dealership.  No names will be revealed.  The salesman was pleasant and ... Read more

Focus On The Blessings

It’s so exciting when I’m reading a fiction book and the author has the characters use a technique to raise the vibe.  Of course, the author doesn’t label it as such.  Even so, when it’s clearly laid out for the reader to do also, I know that the author is tapped into “creating a life that works for you.” Today, ... Read more