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Judith Joy is an author, transformational teacher, inspirational speaker, dream creation coach and healer whose mission is to help people manifest their dreams and shift their energy to create the life they choose.
She began studying energy healing and consciousness transformation after her own experience with recurring debilitating headaches. Her headaches started as a youth and she tried all the conventional methods of typical western medicine looking for relief. 

After years of getting no results, she began researching alternative methods, which is when she finally found a path to ease her suffering. This awareness led her to 20 years of study and research of how the heart and mind work together. 

As with many who teach spiritual – intuitive – energy consciousness, she too has had her share of trauma and drama, which led her to find a way to change her reality.

Judith began her professional career after graduating with an undergraduate business degree and a Master’s of Arts in Teaching.  She then taught elementary school followed by writing a business newsletter for an audience of 500,000 before becoming fascinated with the mind-heart connection.

Her passion for writing grew and her first book Surviving Your Teenager – And Being Happy Anyway was published to share her journey of parenting difficult teenagers. Throughout learning how to deal with headaches, she found the same principles helped smooth the way when dealing with her teenagers and wanted to share what worked for her. Buy Surviving Your Teenager – And Being Happy Anyway here.

Her second book “Dear Future Lover – Bring Your Book Boyfriend to Life” was a result of another personal journey and the process she used to find true love after divorce. By implementing the Law of Attraction and writing to her future soulmate as if he already existed, she found her husband. The same principles she used to find her soulmate can be applied to finding whatever it is you are seeking. Buy Dear Future Lover – Bring Your Boyfriend to Life here.

While the principles of manifestation are well known, how Judith facilitates and teaches you to apply them to your life is what makes her process unique and highly successful.

Judith is a lifelong learner and loves sharing what she learns.  She  is dedicated to helping others whether it’s through her writing, teaching, coaching, workshops, speaking engagements, being on philanthropic boards or just helping an individual.  She is willing to give a hand.

Regarding her process, she states “It is more than writing. It is more than life coaching. It is more than energy healing. It is about visualizing the possibilities and aligning yourself with your desires to allow the possibilities to come in, so that you can create your dreams, desires, hopes and wishes. It’s about being to become.”

Yes With Joy!

It’s time to say YES! to a future that works for you. I'm here to help guide you on your journey while you achieve your desires. Please contact us today through email or by phone or text at 847-250-7450.

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