Changing Perspectives

Judith Joy

Changing perspectives is an art and something you can learn. Being able to look at something from many different angles gives you a leg up because it actually lowers stress levels. In the end, any problem, looked at from a new perspective or angle very often stops being a problem (or a solution becomes obvious). Learning to shift perspectives can take a bit of practice.

The first step is to look at something and change something about your perspective. This can be asking a question or literally looking as it from another direction.

Asking a question:

To get a different perspective, start by wondering and looking at things as interesting. Nothing is carved into stone. There is always (ok, maybe there are a few times that always doesn’t apply) a way that you can expand the possibilities. To do so, ask an open-ended question. By doing this, you are communicating with the Universe and allowing the Universe to bring in something different.

Dinner last night was one of those times. The grill was broken, and the repairman was called. No problem, we could cook the chicken in the oven. I put the chicken in, turned it to 350°, and started preparing the green beans and noodles. A half hour later, the chicken was still raw. The oven wasn’t heating.

Instead of getting upset, I asked, “What’s next? What’s another possibility?” Stovetop. This worked. Although, I almost burned it. But we had something to eat, even though it was different than what we’d originally planned. And I felt good during the process.

Asking questions opens possibilities.

Looking at something from another angle:

Changing your viewpoint can sometimes be quite literal. Think of how different camera angles create different image results. A picture taken from below the chin, shows more of the double chin. While a picture taken from above the eye line, shows less double chin, makes you look thinner, and opens the eyes more, and thus the subject doesn’t look as tired.

This weekend, I saw some pictures that literally changed as the observer moved from left to right. The artist uses optical kinetic and dimensional art images. In short, he is a very talented photographer and his pictures come to life.

This artist, Michael Brown (, was spectacular. I literally looked at every picture in his booth. Then I talked about him with anyone that would listen and showed them his website.

Walking up to Michael’s booth, I noticed a picture of a man with 3D glasses. As I walked up to the picture, the photo actually “moved.” This intrigued me, and I had to walk from left to right and then back again for every picture in his booth. They all changed. The man with the glasses, pulled the glasses from the top of his head to in front of his eyes. He even winked. The white sofa all of a sudden had a lady appear on it. A hummingbird was moving as the wings flapped. The landscape changed from summer to winter.

Problems can be solved, and new observations can bring joy. All the while, you maintain your high vibe and feel good. Remember that something else is possible. Sometimes, all we have to do is look at “it” from a different angle.

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