What You Believe Matters

Judith Joy

I have a pillow that I see every day. It quietly sits on the bench in the hallway. “She believed she could, so she did.” It’s a silent reminder that what I believe becomes reality.

That got me thinking. There are two ways to approach this. Only focus on what you do believe will happen or dig deep to see where you’re tripping yourself up with beliefs that no longer work for you. The trick is to balance the two approaches. For if you only look for what doesn’t work, then you will get more of what doesn’t work.

Why can’t the same be said for just looking for what does work and then getting that? To begin with, you can. However, most people are triggered by prior programing, beliefs that you were brainwashed with or thoughts you adopted through a misunderstanding. Either way, just because you believe them makes it possible for them to play out and become a reality.

Let’s start with the idea of trust. If you only look at where you do trust your abilities, then you will miss the opportunity to clear the things that you don’t quite trust and thus trigger you.

Take a look at the other side of trust – distrust. Where do you distrust your abilities? The first answer that pops in is where you start.

Next, pay attention to your body. Notice what physical reactions you have to the question. Was it a gut punch or a feeling of floating? If you feel like you are floating, then this topic doesn’t trigger you. However, chances are that there is somewhere that you distrust your abilities and as soon as you thought of it, you felt a constriction or gut punch. This lets you know that you are triggered. This is good, as it is your body letting you know that something isn’t lining up with the high vibe. (When you are totally aligned with the yummy high vibe feelings, then manifesting comes with ease.)

What is it that you are saying about distrust that you have adopted as a rule? You will probably find that you are saying something that you have just accepted as true. For example, if you grew up with someone repeatedly saying, “No, you’re wrong.” then chances are this is what you are telling yourself. And you can imagine that if you are constantly saying this, then trusting yourself would be difficult.

Now that you have noticed the feeling, begin to ask questions, and do a little exploring. If you think of it as a puzzle, then it becomes fun.

  • What is it that you distrust about your abilities?
  • Where did this idea come from?
  • Is it true?
  • Have you adopted this belief or rule based on something that went on in the past?
  • Is it yours? (Hint, if you didn’t choose it, it isn’t yours.)
  • Are you willing to give it up?

Many people get stuck here and keep digging and digging. The problem is that if you do this, then you are focusing on the problem. And what you focus on is what you get. So, you will get more problems to focus on.

Instead, after a few questions, switch gears. Remind yourself of some time that you totally felt great – maybe the day you or your child graduated, when you wrote or painted something fabulous, playing with a puppy, or when someone cute asked you out for the first time. Feel the feeling of how good it felt. Choose some time when you had an intense feeling throughout your body. (This is an important step. It’s reminding you of the high vibe feeling.)

For myself, one of the memories I relive is when I was in high school and did VERY well at a gymnastic meet. Even all these years later, I can feel what it felt like even if I can’t still do the movements. I can feel the excitement and remember my teammates piling on top of me with congratulations when my scores were shown.

Have you got your high vibe pumping? Now think about the thing you distrust about your abilities. That’s right. Switch your focus. Feel the gut punch.

Go back and forth from the great feeling to the gut punch feeling. Repeat this over and over until the feeling is neutralized. Eventually, whatever it is that triggered you won’t do so anymore. What you are doing is aligning with the high vibe. New ideas will pop in, and you’ll have expanded awareness about what to do if anything.

Lastly, you get to choose what you believe. You get to create the rules for your life. What rule would you like to believe and trust? Keep playing with the wording until it feels true and does work for you. Play with the rule until you believe it.

For a brief overview of the process, keep reading.

Deal with Triggering Thoughts:

  1. Look at a topic.
  2. Notice your feelings.
  3. Notice the rule you have in place.
  4. Ask questions.
  5. Go back and forth from the gut punch to the high vibe.
  6. Change the rule.

What you believe becomes your reality. If you believe you can, then you will. If you believe you can’t, then you are also right. Using this simple approach, you will be able to create life rules that you believe in, so that you can live them and manifest a life that works for you.

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