Trusting Your Energy

Judith Joy

It’s working!!! When I first started learning energy transformation, I was going along with an experimental attitude, not sure if I believed in it or not and the results were spotty. As my high vibe energy has gotten stronger and stronger, and I believed in it more and more, things began to pop up out of the blue.

Yesterday, we had our insurance meeting. This is the one where we get to find out how much money we can pay to protect the house, condo, and cars in case something goes wrong. The people involved know me by now, accept the energy idea, and weren’t even surprised at the results.

While others are getting 40% and 50% increases in rates, our rates stayed relatively the same. The same happened with Shoshi’s insurance.

So, what made the difference? Shoshi and I have both been playing with the energy of everything in our lives – every day. We really enjoy doing it, and the more we have done, the more opportunities and possibilities are falling into our laps. This didn’t happen overnight. It’s a learned way of being.

This is how to start it:

  • Reimagine what is possible. Be curious, have a sense of wonder and know that you have free will and choice. Ask yourself “what else is possible?” or “How does it get better than that?”
  •  Take responsibility for everything in your life. What is your contribution to what is happening? What is your vibe?
  •  Be willing to look at the assumptions you are making.  Are they true? What is the truth?
  •  Examine your desires. What are you truly trying to get by having the desire fulfilled? Which desires are fleeting vs. lasting? Which desires are you at peace with?
  •  Be quiet. When you learn to be at peace with yourself, you will learn your truths and what it is you truly want. The ultimate goal is to be this quiet peace every moment of your life (listening to yourself) and not just when you are in meditation. What would it take to be the quiet peace now?
  •  Listen to your inner guide. Think for yourself. Ask yourself questions. You will be able to feel the answers the more you do this. Others will always have an opinion. The one that matters is yours. What is your viewpoint? After all, it is your life.

In short, it’s about the willingness and ability to look beyond what is supposedly there, seeing something more useful for you, and doing something about it.  When "reality" says "this is the way it is" and another reality pops into existence, know it was the change in energy that made the difference.  It's all about what works for you.

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