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Judith Joy

We do things for the feelings they will give us. I’m sure that you or someone you know has walked into a closet full of clothes and whined that there was nothing to wear. I know that I’ve done this. But is that true? No. You (or the person) were looking for a specific feeling and was hoping that the clothing would provide it. If you knew what the feeling was before even walking into the closet, then you would find something to wear much faster.

While it’s important to know what the end goal is, it’s not the end all be all. For example, if you want to make a movie, you then choose what the feelings of the movie watcher will have while watching it. What are the feelings you would like the people to feel during or after it is done? What actions would you like them to take?

For example, the movie can be a documentary about the elephants in Africa and how to save them. Or the same topic could be a love story in which the elephants are a part of the story, and the main part of the story is about the love brewing between the game warden and a someone on a photo safari. Or continuing with the elephant theme, the story could be an adventure story. It could even be a tearjerker. The documentary, love story, adventure or tearjerker all have different feelings.

When you can identify the feelings you would like people to experience, you will then be guided to inspired actions to achieve those feelings.

What does this have to do with you? The same thing can work in your life. You may not have a giant goal of making a movie. But the principle is the same. In fact, when you come from high vibe, you may even start with the feelings and see what pops from that. You may be guided to write a movie, have your own love story, or adopt an elephant. Let your feelings guide you.

This is how it works.

  • Be high vibe. Start from the space of feeling great – love, joy, kindness, expansion, gratitude, as so on. You’ll have more power when you do this. However, if you are doing this to be high vibe, start with the next step.
  • Choose the feeling you wish to experience and be. Make it simple and just a few words.
  • Start being that feeling. Say to yourself, “I pick that. Let’s do it.” Then act as if you are already that.

Here’s a hint that will help. Don’t make a conclusion. Drop the judging and any other way that you limit yourself. Start asking questions. This further opens the space to allow the Universe to bring you the answers.

These steps will allow ideas, opportunities, and inspirations to literally fall into your lap. What you tell the Universe is what will come back to you. The Universe will deliver the possibilities to you to help you experience the feelings you choose. If your desire is to be and have fun, you may choose to fulfill it in multiple ways – a new relationship, writing a movie or book, telling jokes on stage, going on a bike ride, or doing something else that feels like fun.

Let the Universe guide you. Your job is to set the state (feeling) you would like to be and then be it. Then follow the inspired actions. After all, if you do things for the feelings anyway, you may as well identify what the feelings are and live with them.

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