Law of Attraction at Work

Judith Joy

Recently, I wrote a blog about how people are blinded by distractions. My focus was on distractions. And that is what played out in my life on a much smaller scale. It’s the beauty of the Law of Attraction at work. Let me explain.

After writing the article, I went for a walk on the beach. As I usually do, I asked my body which direction would be in my greatest and highest good. I chose to walk to the right wondering if I was walking toward something that was beneficial or away from something that wouldn’t have been to my benefit.

In the distance, I saw a family lining up to take a family photo. Being a photographer, I offered to help. I noticed that the three-year-old was moody and tired. She didn’t want to be there. I remembered many times that one of my kids was like that. So, I started acting silly and distracting her. It worked. While she didn’t smile, she at least stopped fussing.

Then, I noticed that her name was Audrey, and her family called her Audi. I smiled. My mother’s name and nickname were the same. We had a connection. After the photo, Audrey walked right up to me as if I was the only one that would be there for her. Patting her on the back, I walked her back to the group.

I then offered to take a group picture to include the aunt who’d been taking the photo before I continued on my walk for another quarter mile. When I turned around and returned, they were still trying to take pictures and Audrey was still fussing. So, I started distracting Audrey again and she settled down.

End of story. Right? Not quite. I still hadn’t seen the connection to what I was doing and what I’d been focusing on earlier. I hadn’t noticed how my focus influenced what I was attracting into my reality.

On the way into the building, I stopped to pick up the mail. As I waited for the elevator, I was reading a sales flyer, pressed the button and got on not paying attention. I went down instead of up. Got off, looked up from my reading and then realized my mistake before getting back on. I almost got off again at another floor before finally making it to the right floor. I was distracted.

This time, I got it and started laughing. I could see the relationship between what I’d been focusing on while writing the article and how it played out in my life. I was blinded until I saw. I didn’t understand until I had awareness about what was happening. I was no longer distracted. I was aware.

My reality was simply playing out as a result what I’d been focusing on.

Consider this: In what ways are you distracted? Is your reality playing out the way you’d like it to? If not, what are you focusing on that you could be letting go of and what could you be focusing on to create the reality you do desire?”

So, what did I do? Keep being distracted? No.

I meditated to practice observing. I lay on the floor and focused on my body. Observing what I noticed without doing anything. I gave myself a reset.

So, the next time you feel distracted take the time to reset. Stop. Breathe. Observe. This will bring you back into awareness and allow you to choose where you focus so that you can create a reality that you would like to attract. This is the Law of Attraction at work. What you focus on is what you get.

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