Bragging Moment

Judith Joy

If you know what your dream is, it’s a whole lot easier to get there. You know which direction to go.

When Adam, my youngest (age 25) was in high school, he was fascinated with online games. His focus was on sports games (in large part because I wouldn’t let him play the shooting ones).

That being said, I’d like to take a moment and brag. Adam is now an official pro “athlete.” It’s in quotes because he plays e-sports. Translation – video games. As an adult, he’s chosen to focus on the shooting games.

When he started streaming (playing and having others watch) about three years ago, I was stumped. Then I did some research. Did you know that the gaming industry is a billion-dollar industry? I’m not talking one billion either. This year, the forecast for the global video game market is over $138 Billion. In short, it’s popular.

We were very excited when he started winning tournaments. The first $200 this past February was thrilling. Adam treats it like a real job, plays eight hours a day, six to seven days a week. (He does take occasional time off.) He splits the day into two sessions. Between them, he exercises and eats. And it’s working.

Besides that, he is being coached by his sister (Shoshanna is a Magical Business Consultant and has amazing results with her clients). On top of that, the three of us have monthly phone calls to check in and set goals for the month.

At our last monthly meeting, I asked him what a long-term goal was for him. He said that he’d like to be on a pro team. He then went on to explain that there are two major leagues (I think that’s what they are called) that have pro teams. We set the energy (aligned his thoughts and feelings) for that goal or something even better than he could imagine and went on with the meeting.

Here’s the exciting part: Four weeks later he entered a tournament for a new league that is just being formed and won! That’s right. He didn’t have to wait to join an established team. There was a new one. Within a month, he had accomplished his goal.

I was thrilled for him. And then I asked him what it actually means to be part of a pro team. In short, he will be able to play with other top-level players in tournaments that will allow him to earn significant money. In addition, he’s having fun and meeting new people.

So, what does this mean for you?

  •   In short, do you know what your dream is?
  •   Do you take time each month to check in and see what is working for you and what isn’t?
  •   What tools could you be using that you haven’t yet thought of using? (Just like how Adam is        talking with Shoshi and me.)
  •   What is your intuition telling you? Are you following it?
  •   What are you focusing on? (Remember, what you focus on is what you get.)

Congratulations Adam! Now, maybe you can stop “complaining” that you’d be better if I’d let you play more as a teenager. What is your next long-term dream? Maybe it’s closer than you ever imagined.

If you’d like to watch Adam play, check him out on Twitch.

If you’d like your business to soar, take a look at Shoshi’s website:

Thank you for letting me brag.

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