Manifesting Sight

Judith Joy

When my kids were younger, Shoshanna was a handful to say the least.  There was always a lot of drama around her, she was very loud about it and my focus was on settling her down.  Admittedly, I didn't give the others all the attention that they could have used.

However, they were busy doing their own thing and may not have wanted my attention. Take my oldest for example.Because Shoshi was loud and demanding, Bethany was quiet and unassuming.  She was my “good girl,” and she quietly did her thing. She was manifesting her reality.

It wasn’t until years later (after the statute of limitations expired) that I found out what was really going on. Nothing terrible, just more than I was aware of.

Well, I was thinking about this and realized the same thing is happening in our country (and probably the world) today. There is a lot of drama trauma that is very loud and demands our attention and is fueled by those in power. They are manifesting a reality, but is it the one we are seeing?

So, I wonder what else is happening?  What are we not seeing that if we were to see it, we would be shocked and willing to take some action?

There were other times in history when this happened. What I’m referring to is dictators and despots rise to power. There was always a lot of drama trauma and a few groups were the scapegoats. People rallied against them and polarized until all they could see was one point of view.  All the while, something else was happening and if they had seen that, then they might have made different choices.

There is a saying about being blind and then being able to see. I think this applies here. What are we blinded by and unable to see that if we were able to see we’d no longer be blind?

Just like different things were happening in my family than what I’d seen, there are different things happening in the world that we are not seeing. We are blind.

So, what to do?

Take a step back and ask, “What else is possible? What else could be happening? What else can happen?” Be aware that another perspective is possible.

Then imagine a veil lifting from in front of you giving you the ability to see more. And whatever this veil is, watch as it zips off to another dimension where it is more useful.  Imagine the wind as everyone’s veils of deception being lifted and sucked into another dimension of reality.

For myself, I was lucky. Bethany’s actions weren’t bad, and she grew up to be a wonderful woman as did Shoshi. However, I wish I’d been less taken over with distractions. I wish I’d been more aware.

For with awareness, we have true choice. If we are unaware, then our choices are limited to what we think we know.

What perception are you holding onto so tightly that you aren’t open to seeing something in a new way?

If you were to be more aware, what would you see?

And if you were to see, what would you see?

What would you choose to do if you knew?

The choice is yours.

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