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Judith Joy

You’ve never had reluctance to do something or dragged your feet before finally getting “it” done.  Right?  Be truthful.

Everyone occasionally (or more often) finds themselves having to do something that they don’t really want to do.  Whether it’s writing a thank you note or looking for a new job, there can be some resistance to doing “it” that causes us to procrastinate.  The clue to getting “it” done is to reframe your thoughts and feelings...and then do it.

The following are ten ways to do this.  Try each and find the ones that work for you.

  1. Look for the opportunities. When you can think of “it” as something that you “get to do” instead of “have to do,” your mindset adjusts and the task becomes easier.  Look for the ways that your task will be an advantage or opportunity.  “I have to write a report” has an entirely different feeling than “I get to share my ideas and possibly influence the outcome of the meeting.”
  2. Ask yourself, “What’s right about this that I’m not getting?” When you ask a question such as this, be still and quiet as the Universe whispers the answer.  This may give you a different point of view.  From this new vantage point, you gain greater understanding about your resistance and what you can do to let it go.
  3. Choose where your energy goes. When you garden, you pull out the weeds to allow the flowers or vegetables to grow.  The time seems to be spent on what you don’t want (the weeds).  When in reality, the time can be focused on what you do want to grow (the flowers or veggies). You are giving them space to breathe, stretch and expand.  You are tilling the soil to allow more ease in the process.  Are you growling about the weeds or celebrating the progress?  The first makes the process harder.  The second brings ease into the task.  It’s your choice where you want to spend your energy.
  4. Ask for help from your inner employee. Use your subconscious to get the prework done so that all you have to do is finish up the task.  Watch for an upcoming blog about how to use your inner employee.
  5. Feel the feeling. Find the space where it’s done.  Imagine lots of magic doors in front of you.  Point to the doors that hold the “done” feeling.  Take a moment and feel what that feels like.    The energy will change and make it easier to complete the task once you know what the feeling is that you are going for.
  6. Rewrite your rules. If resistance is still hanging on, chances are that you have an old program or rule running the show.  Listen to what you are saying or thinking.  That very well could be holding you back.  After all, the Universe wants to give you what you say you want and if you are saying, “All the good men are taken” then the Universe will agree with you and give you what you are saying. Imagine a giant eraser wiping away that thought.  Or you can clear the smoke, use the delete key on your imaginary computer, or release the string holding the thought balloon in place. Then imagine a new rule that works for you.  Such as, “My loving partner/husband/boyfriend is available to me.”
  7. Do a crappy job. Purposely, do a bad least initially.  This will get the energy flowing and soon the “good stuff” will flow also.  What’s important is that you started somewhere.
  8. Ask yourself, “Do I have to do it?” Yes the task has to get done, but can you ask for help or delegate it?  Everything isn’t up to you (even if you sometimes feel it is).  Once you are open to receiving help, others will be more than happy to help you.  One time, Shoshi was tasked with making dinner, delegated it to friends she invited over, and then we had a dinner party.  Loads of fun. And the dinner got made, but she didn’t actually do it.
  9. Have some fun.  Turn up the tunes or do something else that’s fun to shift your energy.  When I write my books, very often I’m listening to baroque music.  When I journal, it’s light jazz.  And when I cook it’s happy music.
  10. Honor your feelings and intuition. Maybe you don’t even have to do it or at least not now.  Someone else told you to do the task and you agreed just to be agreeable.  You may have even initially wanted to do it.  However, once you take the time to actually feel what you’re feeling, you may change your mind.  Or your energy may be telling you that now isn’t the time to do it.  This is okay.  Honor yourself.

When you shift your thoughts and feelings, you are able to bring more ease into the process and let go of forcing yourself to get “it” done. You step into the space of allowing the task to be completed.  And this feels wonderful.

Ultimately, “getting stuff done” is about doing the things that will help you create the life you desire.  It’s about creating a life that works for you.

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