Five Steps to Getting Your Inner Employee Working For You

Judith Joy

You have a magic genie available to help you complete your projects.  This genie, also known as your inner employee, will “do” the work and bring ease into the process.

It’s as simple as knowing what you truly desire, giving you inner employee clear directions, stepping out of the way, and taking action when you are guided to do so all the while being kind and grateful.

For example, you have a problem to resolve or a project that you aren’t quite sure what to do with. You could agonize over it.  Mull over all the possible solutions that you can think of, all the while knowing that if you knew the answer you’d be done.  And since you don’t know the answer, going over and over what you think of is in fact counterproductive, because you keep telling your mind you don’t have the answer.  And wanting to prove you right, the Universe won’t give you the answer.

You might even ask everyone you know for their input.  And in the process, you are retelling the problem, which is in fact reinforcing that it’s a problem since your focus is on the problem. In the end, you feel stressed and unsure.  You may or may not have an answer.

Or you could hand it over to your  inner employee for him to do.  When it’s time for you to take the next step, the employee will let you know.

Try the following to get your inner employee working for you:

  1. Choose. What would you like your inner employee to work on?
  2. Write. Write down exactly what you expect the employee to do.  These four sentences are designed to clearly outline your desires. By writing down the directions, you will clarify in your mind what it is you desire and the results you expect.
    • I command.... This is a strong way of saying I want x done. Keep it a bit broad and don’t worry about how it will get done. Use as few words as possible (maybe 5-6 words).
    • The purpose is.... Clearly state the purpose for the project.
    • The result will be.... Clearly outline the result that will happen as a result of the project being completed.
    • I will feel.... Choose how you will feel when the entire project is completed.  Be sure to use body sensations and not just words. For example, “I will feel a huge sigh and my shoulders will come out of my ears” is much more descriptive and your body can identify with it much better than “I’ll be relaxed."
  3. Pause. This is where your initial “work” is done by your inner employee.  It can look like meditation because you are quiet as you focus.  Tap into the still point, that moment when all is quiet, and all the possibilities exist.  You don’t have to do anything. Let your inner employee work while you take a hands-off approach.
    • Your job is to keep your focus on what you will feel like when the project is completed.
    • You can take notes during this phase or just let your brain marinate in the feeling of having the project done.Whatever works for you.
  4. Be ready. Wait for your inner employee to let you know when it’s your turn to work on the project.  Let go of the micromanaging and let the employee get to work. This is an important step.  If you keep jumping in with trying to solve the problem, the employee will give it back to you to solve, which is what you are actually saying by butting in.  If you give her the autonomy to do her work, she will be able to do it.  Whereas, if you keep sticking your two cents in, you’re just delaying the process.  This is what step four is about.  Expect it to be done. And let her do it.
  5. Act. Now it’s time for you to take what the inner employee has prepared and finish the next bit that has to be done.  It may be the entire project or just the next step.  Trust that what you are being led to do is the best action. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense.  It will in the long run.

Your inner employee is the magic genie that works with the Universe to help you. She is ready, willing, and able to do so.  Are you willing to let her?

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