Thinking Soft

Judith Joy

It’s never too soon to learn how to manifest your desires.  Recently, my grandkids were visiting Poppy and me (Grammy).  The kids at eight and five were in the pool with me.  They were talking about when Poppy wakes up.

It was time to play with our imaginations.  So, we imagined Poppy rolling over in bed, throwing his covers off, and giving a big yawn as he stretched.  Then we saw him brushing his teeth before making his coffee and then waving to us from the condo window seven floors above.

The five-year old mentioned something about thinking hard.  I encouraged thinking soft.  So, we just imagined Poppy at the window.  I usually move my fingers when I do manifesting and did this time also.  Pretty soon the five-year old was wiggling his fingers as his eyes were squeezed shut.

Within minutes, the eight-year old was squealing.  Poppy was in the window watching us.  He must have thought we were nuts as we jumped, waved and laughed.  We were so excited that we “brought” him to the window.

I had to make sure the kids understood that timing and exactness do vary.  They didn’t believe me, especially when we did it again imagining Poppy walking through the door from a grocery run and then he did.

The kids are convinced that thinking soft works. (And it does.)

I love sharing the energy techniques with them.  Their minds are so open to possibilities and having fun as they create.  Their lives will be wonderful as they create their futures.

Thinking Soft

  1. Imagine what it is that you would like to happen. This doesn’t take effort, just focus.
  2. Add details such as actions, smells, and sounds.
  3. Wiggle your fingers as if you are playing an instrument. Each note is the possibility happening.
  4. Feel the feeling that you will feel when the desire you imagined becomes real.
  5. Let go of expecting your desire to show up in a certain way or at a certain time.
  6. Be excited when your desire shows up.

I wonder how many different ways you can use this simple technique to create a life that works for you. After all, it’s your life, your imagination, your desires, and your choices.  What you focus on is what you get.  So, focus on what it is you would like to happen.  Just like the kids did.  Who knows,  you may be the next one to be jumping up and down with excitement as you squeal with joy.


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