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Relationship WheelSometimes we don’t know the true reason we are led to do something. Recently, I’ve been looking at new cars.  There are many cars that are great, and at the same time, I haven’t found “the one.”

Yesterday, I decided to open my horizons and look at a different dealership.  No names will be revealed.  The salesman was pleasant and in fact was a little too accommodating.  He even offered to get me lunch so that I wouldn’t leave.

The car was very nice and checked every box except one.  The energy just didn’t feel spot on.  You see, before I do something, I “set the energy” for what the outcome will be.  In this case, I forgot to do it before car shopping and just had a feeling that something wasn’t clicking.  Later while talking to my daughter, Shoshi, she said that it sounded like I’d be satisfied, (which I would be) however, that wasn’t the way I was choosing to move through life.  And since a car is a representation of how I move through life, maybe another car would be better.

What way do I choose to move through life?  As soon as I asked the question, the answer popped in.  I’d like to be delighted.  While I don’t normally use this word, it felt like a piece had clicked into place.

So, what was the visit to this dealership about?  Was it to learn that I’d like to be delighted?  Or was it something else?

After mulling it over for a bit, I realized there were two other wins from the experience.

As the salesman and I were talking, I said that I’d like to go “run the energy” and ask myself lots of questions such as, “If I own this car, what will my life be like in 50 years?  In 100 years?”  (Taking the questions out of the logical mind opens the energy.  After all, I won’t be living 100 years from now, let alone driving this car then.) This led to a discussion about metaphysics and energy.  Here’s where the two wins came in.

First, he went to his manager and shared what we’d been talking about.  The manager had been waiting for someone to talk about energy and the Law of Attraction so that he could offer a special deal.  He’d know this person because of the interest in the LOA.  Thus, he offered me another discount.  He took off 15% from the sticker price.  Score!

Secondly, the salesman and I talked about how he used the LOA to find his girlfriend.  He explained the exercise and said it worked in 24 hours.  I had to hear more.

And this is why the Universe nudged me to go to the dealership.  While it was nice getting the discount and ultimately “setting the energy,” I was excited about what I like to call a relationship ring.

No, it’s not an actual ring.  In fact, maybe a relationship wheel would be a better name, as it’s more a wheel than a ring.  Or it could be a sun, because it also looks like that.  Although, all are circles.

I digress.  Surprise. Surprise. Relationship wheel is best because it will “roll” my desire to me.

This is how it works.  You are in relationship to everything around you and everything in your life.  For example, you are in a relationship with the chair you are sitting on, the shoes you are wearing, and the people in your life.

When you have a desire for something, you are automatically in a relationship with that thing or person, even if you don’t currently have it in your hands.  Just the thought of it is enough to start the relationship.

By doing a relationship wheel, you are setting forth what it is you do desire the relationship to be.  This is much like “setting the energy” for your desire.  Although instead of just one or two feelings, you lay out what you’d like in more detail.

Relationship Wheel

  1. Who or what do you desire to have a relationship with? Be very broad.
  2. On a blank piece of paper, write your name in the center of the paper and circle it.
  3. Draw a line up and another down from the circle.
  4. At the end of the lines, write one thing for each line that you’d like that person or thing to be, have or do. You are filling in the details. Be sure to write what you do desire instead of what you want to avoid.  (Skip the word “not” and find a better way of saying what you are looking for.)
  5. Continue drawing opposing lines and writing your desires about your desire.
  6. When you are done, you have a central point (your name) surrounded by spokes of a wheel each with some characteristic you are looking for in your original desire.

This is actually quite easy once you begin.  So far, I’ve done it for a relationship with my current husband, a new car, and my body.  What I noticed when writing about my relationship with my husband, is that I was actually describing how I’d like to see myself.  And where I was upset with him, were really things about myself that upset me.  Such as, I wrote “be heard” because I often feel that he’s not hearing or listening to me.  In fact, he is mirroring to me something for me to pay attention to about me.  I need to ask myself, “What am I not listening to myself about? Where am I ignoring myself?”  And guess what?  As soon as I realized this, our conversations improved.  Score!

Long story short, this was valuable information the Universe brought to me through a search for a new car.  Try making your relationship wheels and let me know what your experiences are.  Maybe it’s time to open your horizons to what is possible for you.

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