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It’s so exciting when I’m reading a fiction book and the author has the characters use a technique to raise the vibe.  Of course, the author doesn’t label it as such.  Even so, when it’s clearly laid out for the reader to do also, I know that the author is tapped into “creating a life that works for you.”

Today, I was reading Christmas in Eternity Springs by Emily March and ran across one such exercise.  (Yes, I know.  A Christmas story in March?  Let’s just say, that it’s a great story any time of the year.) In short, Celeste Blessing, the “angel” of the story, says that for positive energy, one needs a positive state of mind.  She suggests that Jax (the male character) think of something positive that happened during the day (before going to sleep) and then again in the morning.  This helps set the tone for the day.

(This is similar to the Joy Journal, in which you write down various different things that are working for you, are blessings in your day, and/or bring you joy. The idea is to be able to focus on what is working so that you can create more things that work for you. Afterall, what you focus on is what you get.  A Joy Journal can be used to raise your vibe and to be reviewed when you need a lift.)

Then Claire, (the female lead), who was listening, suggests that she and Jax do it together as Affirmative Attitude buddy’s.  While this sets them up to interact throughout the book, it’s also a great idea. (I wish I’d thought of it.  Good job, Emily.)

Here’s a question for you:  If you look for opportunities to learn something useful for you, what crazy places can you find suggestions that will help you create a life that works for you?

Suggestions are all around us.  It’s up to us to recognize them.  Have fun as you pay attention to the world around you.  And who knows, you may even find things that bring you joy and are a blessing to you.


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