The Awareness of Judgment

Judith Joy

The Awareness of JudgmentHave you ever felt triggered by someone else’s judgments? Have people been pushing your buttons lately? Are you ready to let all of this go and live your best life?

If so, try this idea on for size. I recently heard this and it struck home for me. “Why do I have to be miserable because of little puffs of wind coming out of someone else’s face?”

That’s right. You don’t have to be miserable just because someone else is talking (no matter what they are saying). It’s up to you if you choose to be high vibe or not.

What if there is no such thing as right-wrong, good-bad? And there is only does it work or doesn’t it work? Is it useful or isn’t it? This is a hard concept especially when we are raised with the idea of judgment. But go with me a moment.

Judgment is related to low vibes when people play the victim. There is a harshness to it, and the recipients of the judgments can feel threatened or attacked, thus reinforcing the victim mentality and “forcing” them to defend themselves. Judgment is centered around things being right-wrong, good-bad, and we think the judgment keeps us safe.

Awareness, on the other hand, comes from being high vibe, where you take responsibility for everything in your life. It centers around kindness, love and curiosity. The feeling of awareness is open and flowing as you stay quiet and in the loving feelings. In awareness, you are an observer of people and wonder about their point of view. There is a greater understanding of others and thus there is actually more safety in awareness.

It all centers around your personal vibration. When you are in the low vibes (shame, blame, victimhood, depression, etc.) you are defending yourself. When you are in high vibe (peace, love, gratitude, kindness, etc.), you can let go of defending yourself as everything becomes interesting.

Judgment is someone else’s story. It’s up to you whether you interact with their story or not. In fact, you will know that you are interacting and have a button that is being pushed when you find yourself defending your point of view. The judgment from others won’t hit home unless you have a trigger that is somehow related. It may not be a direct correlation. When you find this trigger, celebrate. You have found something to clear within yourself so that you can raise your vibe even more.

In the end, it’s about maintaining your high vibe and feeling more and more of it. Don’t let anyone steal your high vibe. And don’t give it away either. Focus on what it is you desire (to be the high vibe) and let others focus on what they want to focus on. Your choices are up to you.

When someone is judging (and you choose to stay in high vibe) try this:

  • Be quiet: Let the other person talk until they are completely done. Then stay quiet.
  • Raise your vibe: While they are talking, think, “I love you.” Repeat as long as their mouth is moving.
  • Be curious: Isn’t that interesting? I wonder what’s happening in his life that he feels compelled to say that or have that POV?

As you step more and more into the high vibes, you will find the ease that you are looking for by giving up judgment and being the awareness. When this happens you will have greater understanding and compassion, which will also help to raise your vibe. It’s all about what you choose.

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