Journaling to Raise Your Vibe

Judith Joy

JournalingJournaling can be used in a number of different ways. In the end, it’s about claiming your power by processing your thoughts and feelings, creating your future, or recording your triumphs.

This is especially true when you focus on what it is you do desire (instead of what you are complaining about). After all, what you focus on is what you get. That’s right. When you place your attention on something, you are giving it power to come alive. You are literally feeding it.

Let’s take the example of journaling about problems with your child. Most people start with a problem. You can even write down the problem. Use as few sentences as possible to describe what is bothering you.

Then, change your focus. Instead of feeding the problem by writing more and more about it, ask yourself questions that will open possibilities to a solution. Be curious instead of judgmental. For example:

  • What is this “problem” telling me that will be an advantage for me or my child?
  • If this problem wasn’t here, what would I be experiencing right now?
  • If I look at this “issue” as a developmental stage, what would I like to see this child being and doing when he is grown up?
  • What am I so afraid of that I’m willing to hold onto this “issue” that if I wasn’t afraid of, I could let the “issue” go?
  • What do I love about this child?
  • What is the most magnificent outcome I can imagine?
  • What can I imagine that is even greater than that? (Take your time and write about the magnificent outcomes using all your senses.)

Journaling helps you focus on being the observer from a high vibe so that you can maintain your love and peace as your child is seemingly spinning out of control. Because your child chooses to act a certain way, doesn’t mean you have to join them in the low vibes.

This takes some practice, and it is possible. We are so used to complaining, that very often the complaining spills onto our journal pages. However, complaining is a low vibe and to move from low to high vibe, you will have to be willing to be high vibe. That means that no matter what your child is doing (and children do lots of learning through experimenting) it is your choice if you stay high vibe or not.

It's your choice if you choose to be loving, compassionate, kind, peaceful and grateful. Don’t let others pull you from your choice. This is giving your power to them. To claim and build your power, focus on the high vibes as you journal. Remember, what you focus on is what you will get. And as you feel better and better (more and more high vibe) your behavior settles down and this allow your child to choose a new way of being. After all, you are the role model.

So, the next time you journal, stay in the love and curiosity as you focus on what is working for you and what you imagine can be a magnificent outcome.

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