Elixir of Power and Potency

Judith Joy

Elixir of Power and PotencySuper charge your drinks. That’s right. You have the ability to super charge your drinks with power and potency. Before I tell you how to do this, let’s look at what you are super charging them with.

What is power?

The way I look at it (thank you Kam Yuen for this viewpoint), power is about doing with the least amount of effort. In the morphic field that most people think is reality, they interpret power as being the strongest or something similar. The phrase “power through” implies effort.

However, as Kam Yuen (a martial arts expert) says, a truly powerful person is one who can wiggle his fingers and have the attacker forget why he is attacking in the first place and thus stop.

This power is found in the high vibes. The higher your vibration is the less effort it takes to do something. And the more often you are living in the high vibes, the more accessible this power is to you.

What does this high vibe power feel like? Imagine hugging the world and the love is so great that after you are filled up, it spills out of you into the world. Feel the expansiveness of the love. Marinate in the love. When you experience the high vibe feelings, you can literally create change with ease.

What is potency?

You might interpret potency as power, however it is a bit different. Potency is power that is effective. It is the belief (your thoughts) and the faith (knowing that the Universe has your back) that your power is useful and working for you.

Think of potency as everything lining up for you. And all you have to do is take the next step forward. You don’t have to know all the steps. Just imagine what the end feels like and then imagine lining up everything in your experience and body on the path that leads to that feeling. You don’t even have to know what your body and experiences are having. It will even work if you just imagine everything as mist on a path moving you forward.

The potency is believing that you have the feeling and knowing or having the faith that the Universe will bring you the next steps to keep experiencing it. Focus on this feeling and the steps will fall into place.

How to Super Charge Your Drink

This is all about feelings. From the feelings you create the power and potency to be how you choose to be.

  1. Begin by being high vibe. Step into your vibrations of peace, love, calmness, joy, bliss, gratitude and such.
  2. Imagine any problems falling away. Observe as they literally are washed down the drain as if you are washing away dirt in the shower.
  3. Put your drink in front of you.
  4. Put your hands on the glass or bottle.
  5. Feel the power (the high vibe feelings).
  6. Focus on the potency (the power working for you).
  7. Imagine both the power and potency building in your body and coming out of your hands into the drink.
  8. Stay with the feeling for a full minute (or more)
  9. Drink your elixir of power and potency

The more you do this, the more power and potency you will build within your body. In short, your focus will be on being powerful and potent and the Universe will deliver experiences to you that match the feeling you are building.

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