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Score!!!The holidays are here. What does that mean for you this year? Are you focusing on what you can’t do or on what you can do?

Here’s a hint: If you focus on the good stuff and all the things you’re grateful for, then the Universe says, “Oh, you want to feel grateful. Here are more things to feel grateful about.” (And if you are moaning and groaning, the Universe will send you more to complain about.)

That’s right. Whatever you focus on is what you get.

As an added bonus, the more you focus on being grateful, the better you will feel, since gratitude is a high vibe. And when you are high vibe, things are easier to handle.

So, let’s get busy and be grateful as well as notice all the good around us. For example, tonight I went to the grocery store (fewer people at night, which is great since I don’t like crowds anyway). While there, I was drawn to the personal care aisle. I kept trying to tell myself that I didn’t have anything to get in that section, and my inner voice kept saying, “Go.” So eventually I did.

I wandered around and picked up new face cleanser, a few bath bombs (a new luxury) and then my nose led me to the section with all the smells. I looked around and noticed a candle. I just finished one, so maybe that’s what I needed. Long story short(er), I found a candle that actually smelled nice, a rarity for me. I usually prefer the ones that have no smell, and I bought this scented one anyway.

As I write this article, the candle is burning. And now the condo smells great. I never associated the season with the smell of roses before. But, it’s a new way of celebrating, so why not?

Oh, and another bonus: As I was checking out, I spotted an apple cinnamon muffin mix, which is available for a limited time only. It’s the almond flour brand I love and a new flavor that I know I’ll enjoy. Score!!!

What can you yell “Score!!!” about in your life? In this month? In your job? In your family? In your relationship? The more you are able to yell (and feel) “Score!!!” the more the Universe will send your way to experience this feeling over and over. Think of it as a hat trick in hockey. A single goal is exciting, however, a single player scoring three times in one game is VERY exciting. Go for the very exciting in your life!

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